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Police Car Transporter : Police Games
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Transport Police Vehicles Like a Pro in US Police Car Transporter Game

Experience the thrill of being a top cop with US Police Car Transporter, a game that lets you manage and transport police vehicles using cargo trucks, ships, and airplanes. This game is perfect for beginners and offers a dynamic experience of transporting various vehicles from one city to another.

Police Car Transporter: Police Games Overview

Transport Missions and Responsibilities

In US Police Car Transporter, your primary goal as a police officer is to transport an array of vehicles including police trucks, 4x4s, cop cars, police airplanes, prisoner transports, ATVs, army vehicles, cargo trucks, and transporter trucks. You’ll operate from the city cargo terminal, ensuring each vehicle reaches the police headquarters efficiently. As the head of transportation, you’ll manage the movement of all vehicles on the roads, showcasing your skills and responsibility as a police chief.

Starting Your Career in Police Transport 3D

Embark on your career with US Police Car Transporter games, which feature new models of cop cars, police bikes, cargo airplanes, and 4×4 vehicles. Enjoy the realistic driving experience in an open-world setting. Your main task is to deliver cars within the game, offering you a range of car driving challenges. The game caters to all ages, especially those fond of US 4×4 police car truck driving games. Enjoy the immersive music as you drive various vehicles, including cargo trucks, quad bikes, police airplanes, and army vehicles.

Mastering the Role of a Police Transport Truck Driver

Driving Skills and Challenges

As a police transport truck driver, you’ll need to hone special driving skills to handle heavy vehicles. The game presents numerous challenges, requiring you to stay alert while maneuvering the massive US police transport truck. The different levels in police truck driving games involve delivering new police vehicles from factories to various police stations, aiming to make you a professional truck driver in simulator games.

Realistic 3D Simulation and Gameplay Features

US Police Car Transporter offers a highly realistic 3D simulation environment. Transporting cars and ATVs becomes a smooth and safe task with car transporter trucks. Your expertise in driving cargo transporter trucks, police bikes, police airplanes, army vehicles, and prisoner transports will be crucial in ensuring timely deliveries. The game also includes army transport trucks known for their durability and ability to carry heavy loads, adding to the realism of the game.

Features of US Police Car Transporter Game

  1. Control as a US Police Chief: Take charge and manage all transportation tasks.
  2. Dynamic Simulator: Fully operational and dynamic US police truck driving simulator.
  3. Engaging Environments: Amazing mountain tracks and road environments.
  4. Realistic Graphics: High-quality 3D graphics and a navigation system.
  5. Immersive Sound: Cool sounds of cars, trucks, ATVs, and airplanes.
  6. Varied Missions: Different ranges of US police transport truck missions.
  7. User-Friendly Controls: Smooth and easy controls for an enhanced gaming experience.


US Police Car Transporter is an exciting game that offers a comprehensive and realistic experience of managing and transporting police vehicles. With its dynamic simulation, engaging environments, and challenging missions, it’s the perfect game for anyone looking to dive into the world of police transportation.

What's new

New Improved Gameplay
New Army Mode Added
New Vehicles Added
Improved Game performance
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